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What is mediation?

Mediation is often confused with arbitration. Arbitration is a process where a third party arbitrator is employed to decide the outcome for the parties, much like a judge or jury. Arbitration is either mandated by contract or, less often, Court ordered.

On the other hand, mediation is the most-frequently Court-ordered form of alternative dispute resolution (although it may also be required by the parties’ contract). A mediator is selected whose number one priority is to facilitate a mutually-acceptable (or sometimes, mutually-unacceptable) resolution of the dispute. The mediator has absolutely no authority or ability to make any decision or finding in the disputed matter – but only to assist the parties in finding a solution.

We help in these categories

  • Business Mediation Services
  • Employment Mediation
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution
  • Business Dispute Resolution
  • Family disputes
  • Labor Resolution
  • Labor Relation Negotiation
  • Commercial/corporate Disputes
  • Appellate mediation

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Robert W. Rasch P.A.

Certified Circuit Court Mediator

Robert W. ("Bob") Rasch is a seasoned professional who, not only has extensive experience as a litigator, first as a prosecutor for the federal government, and more recently in private... Continue Reading

Client Testimonials

1Armand Dauplaise

I have known Bob Rasch since 2002 and have used his services. As a executive in the business world for the past thirty years and for six years as the CEO of a publicly traded, international company, I have utilized the services of attorneys world wide. Bob’s competency is exceptional and he is a man of high integrity, honesty, impeccable character and pursues excellence in all he does.

2Randy Lail Vice President, CFO

I have found Bob Rasch to provide thoughtful and insightful counsel on many different labor/employment and corporate-related issues. Bob has always been a model of a preeminent fact-finder, slow to come to a conclusion until he has garnered all of the facts. His counsel and direction has always been well-received and helpful. I have no doubt that Bob will provide effective and skilled mediation services to parties who seek out his services.

3Robert Urban- CEO

I trust Bob's wisdom, knowledge, and fairness to make sure that the decisions I make related to any legal or mediation matters are in the best interest of my company.

4Marc McLarnon, President

The neutrality and objectivity he brings to the table combined with an extensive background in negotiations, legal expertise and conflict resolution combine to make what is the definition of an exceptional mediator. His creativity stimulates the exploration of alternative solutions to the most complex issues while continuing to move towards achieving a sound, practical solution.

5Paul Riccard, President

Bob Rasch has served as General Counsel for my business, International Signs & Lighting for several years. He has proven himself often as the kind of attorney who can get the job done-whether the job is to create and modify contracts or mediate issues between employee situations.