Robert W. Rasch



Bob Rasch began his career as a government prosecutor with the National Labor Relations Board, Region 14 in St. Louis, Missouri. He continued in that role for nearly 5 years until he began his career in senior management of several large corporations – including Ralston Purina, Fleming Companies and Beverly Enterprises. During his time in corporate American, Bob was involved in labor negotiations all over the United States, battled unionization attempts, provided management training, as well as conducted or oversaw all forms of litigation – including labor arbitrations and various forms of discrimination lawsuits.

Since moving to Florida, Bob has been in private practice continuing to battle unionization attempts, negotiate labor contracts, and engage in all forms of employment/labor litigation (representing both companies and, at times, individuals), as well as many different forms of commercial and family litigation.

Bob has become General Counsel for 8 different companies for whom he provides day-to-day corporate advise.

Bob’s community service

Bob Rasch has served in multiple charitable activities within the community. He served as Treasurer of the Kiwanis Club in Downtown Orlando. He served again as Treasurer of the Kiwanis Club in Heathrow/Lake Mary chapter.

Bob has served for 4 years on the Parish Council of his home parish, St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church. He has served for over 15 years on the St. Mary Magdalen Community Fest Core planning committee. Bob has been a member of the Knights of Columbus, Bishop Grady Council 5618, for 11 years, serving in a number of leadership roles including Grand Knight, Deputy Grand Knight and Trustee. More recently, Bob has been appointed by the Florida State Deputy as a District Deputy of the Knights of Columbus, now responsible for 4 different councils in Altamonte Springs, Casselberry, Longwood and Apopka.

Bob also is a member of the Central Florida Lawyers Guild and former Chairman of the Labor & Employment Committee of the Orange County Bar Association. He is former Chairperson of the National Association of Wholesale Grocers in Washington, D.C.

Bob Rasch has over 25 years as a labor negotiator who has negotiated labor contracts with many different labor unions throughout the United States. As a result of that experience, Bob has learned to interpret body language, read between the lines and decipher often hidden agendas which have enabled him to successfully resolve many different intricate and complicated disputes.