What is Mediation ?

Mediation is a way to resolve disputes in a prompt, efficient and cost effective manner. In mediation, participants themselves, with the mediator’s impartial assistance, resolve their own dispute, seeking fairness and the maximization of benefits. Business, property, employment, organizational and other disputes can be effectively mediated to a fair and constructive resolution that participants believe in and with which they will comply. Mediation offers the opportunity for people or groups in conflict to move forward with their lives and businesses in a positive manner.

  • A “win-win” result is often achieved because the parties develop the agreement together.
  • -New businesses can move forward quickly as the principals have clear, specific agreement about job descriptions, responsibilities, goals and objectives.
  • -The parties’ ability to preserve an existing business relationship is enhanced.
  • -It is less costly and less stressful.
  • -A final resolution is usually reached more quickly since the parties control the outcome.

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