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When a company finds itself in a litigation or potential litigation with either another company or an employee, alternative dispute resolution in the form of mediation provides a superior method of exploring and finding common ground for cost-effective resolution. Having had many years as a labor negotiator, we know the value of effective dispute resolution as opposed to the “winner-take-all”/”loser-take-nothing” results of litigation.

General counsel:

(same as Corporations)

CEO’s of smaller companies looking for Mediators:

Smaller companies often find themselves in litigation with either another company or an employee when they know that they are right on the law and facts, but the financial drain of litigation can be more than the bottom line can endure. Such companies should look for a mediator who is experienced with many years of managerial experience who provides a unique opportunity to explore positive, effective methods of finding mutually-acceptable grounds for resolution.

Referring counsel:

Litigation counsel have an ethical responsibility to their clients, albeit companies or individuals, to search for means of finding cost-effective solutions to the litigation, rather than simply incurring insurmountable litigation costs. Clients who lose in litigation often blame the attorney for not finding an alternative resolution. Thus, it is vitally important to the client to find the right mediator who embodies both managerial experience & litigation experience, having represented both companies and individuals in business-related as well as employment-related litigation, who will work hard to develop a common-sense alternative solution to litigation.

Employment/labor mediation:

In the employment or labor arena, there are many factors that must be considered beyond the immediate issues presented in the litigation. For example, the company must consider the impact that losing the litigation will have on other current employees deciding to file suit against the company. Therefore, a mediated settlement is a far better resolution (particularly with a non-disclosure agreement) than the negative implications of a publicized loss in litigation. It is vitally important to select a mediator who has extensive experience as a senior level manager, as well as a litigator for companies as well as individuals. This broad-based experience allows the mediator to see possible resolutions that may not have been seen by a mediator who has only one-sided experience.

Business dispute resolution:

Most business disputes arise as a result of misunderstandings as to the intended terms of a contractual relationship. In selecting a mediator, in order to effectuate an acceptable resolution, it is vitally important that the mediator have significant experience not just in business litigation, but also in the negotiation and drafting of business agreements. This allows the mediator to bring a broader array of possible solutions to the conflict than one who has only experienced the drafting side or only an “after-the-fact” litigation view of the dispute.

Family law cases:

Having been married for 44+ years and raising 4 children, Bob has experientially learned the Art of Negotiation. Having spent 15 + years in labor negotiations, Bob has experienced the emotional and sensitive nature of all forms of disputes. Bob has served as a Guardian ad Litem for children in dependency cases for over 22 years. This background has enabled him to successfully assist several clients in family law litigation and will assist you in seeking innovative approaches to resolution of difficult family law cases.