Why I should Hire Bob

Robert W. ("Bob") Rasch is a seasoned professional who, not only has extensive experience as a litigator, first as a prosecutor for the federal government, and more recently in private practice for over 20 years, but also accumulated substantial managerial experience in several national corporations.

Bob Rasch has over 25 years as a labor negotiator who has negotiated labor contracts with many different labor unions throughout the United States. As a result of that experience, Bob has learned to interpret body language, read between the lines and decipher often hidden agendas which have enabled him to successfully resolve many different intricate and complicated disputes. In essence, Bob has been mediating between labor organizations and companies for many, many years.

Bob Rasch spent over 10 years sitting on a joint arbitration panel with the Teamsters Union representatives hearing grievances and either ruling on the merits of those grievances or negotiating a fair and equitable resolution to avoid subsequent arbitration. Bob has also served on FINRA arbitration panels and heard lemon law arbitration cases for the Better Business Bureau.

Bob Rasch is very likeable, studious and patient. Bob will wait for the right time to interject his thoughts so as to have the most positive impact on possible dispute resolution. Simply stated, Bob Rasch would be an excellent choice for your next mediator or arbitrator.